James Harden or Russell Westbrook… MVP?

The 2000’s are the most athletic generation in Basketball, consisting of players such as Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James. This makes the MVP race much more exciting and interesting for us fans, to see who is truly the Most Valuable Player in the NBA at the time.

So far, James Harden and Russell Westbrook are the leading candidates in the MVP race. Harden is averaging the most assists in the league right now with 11 apg, while Russell is averaging a triple double (which hasn’t happened since Oscar Robertson- a long time ago). But to determine who is the real MVP, we have to look at how these people stuff the stat sheet in such a manner.

As amazing as Russell Westbrook his playing (because he’s playing like Russell Westbeast right now) this season, it’s not enough to carry his team… and… well, an MVP’s supposed to be valuable in that manner. He only gets his assists by dumping it off to his center at the last second, when he has nowhere to go, because his entire mentality is, “score, score, score, maybe I’ll pass later.”

James Harden on the other hand though, is setting his teammates up for high percentage looks, passing and scoring when he needs to. Russell better start taking notes, regardless of the quality of his team.


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