What Happened to the Panthers???

Dang… you guys have been watching them this season, I know it. We all expected a little more than this huge disappointment this season. Obviously, the regular season’s over, they’re definitely not in the playoffs… but why? What happened to the Super Bowl favorites of 2015-16?

Well… their general manger happened. That’s what.

Dave Gettleman, officially the biggest diva and idiot in the NFL business, traded away Josh the Beast, Norman… to the REDSKINS. He told us the sky wasn’t falling in Carolina? YES IT WAS, YOUR TEAM WAS TRASH THIS SEASON. All because you couldn’t handle a little attitude that Josh gave you… yes, he was being a bit rude, but he didn’t cheat anybody on the field. Was it worth that? Was it worth all the hate you got from the Panthers fans? You would’ve been better off just staying in the background, Dave, you weren’t getting flamed over there.

And plus, Kuechly got injured, and it was completely downhill from there. And who was gonna replace Josh Norman? Daryl Worley? No. Stop it, Dave.


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